Bank of America List of Foreclosures

The bank of America list of foreclosures is a record of all the foreclosures that have been credited to the Bank of America and its constituents. The process occurs when individuals in need of financing apply for residential mortgage or other similar loans that they fail to comply based on the agreements made prior with the entire transaction. As a result, the bank of America or other affiliated creditor assumes its rights over the property based on the agreement, usually done through repossession of real property or immovable property such as houses, lots, etc. as agreed upon in the bank of America list of foreclosures as due compensation for the financial transaction that was unfulfilled.

When the bank of America conducts foreclosures, they are usually aware of the specific reason why an individual homeowner was not able to fulfill his or her end of the bargain as agreed upon in the mortgage contract. This can range to various reasons. For example, the individual may have lost his or her job, which resulted to the failure in paying for debts, including the mortgage itself. In line with this, the homeowner in question may have also way too many debts with creditors and financing companies that payment of these loans have become impossible for the situation of the individual whose property was foreclosed. Regardless of which, the bank of America takes note of this and includes this in the information that comes along with the bank of America list of foreclosures.

Such kind of information is usually kept in record for the benefit of the institution in concern, which, in this case, is the bank of America. This, however, does not necessarily merit strict rules against sharing this information to any concerned member of the public when it is deemed necessary, so long as the use of the information is in line with the institution’s purpose of keeping such information in their archives. Otherwise, like most private or established institutions, information related to their activities such as those found in the bank of America list of foreclosures are kept confidential and for the eyes of concerned parties only. This is to ensure security of information for all constituents concerned establishing borders of privacy of information.

Should there be a need to access the bank of America list of foreclosures; any concerned party can just present inquiries and requests for the information to the bank of America or any of its constituents. The request would then be evaluated and approved or disapproved as seen fit by the authorized establishment.

Lead You To The Authentic Zone Of Money Transfer

If you have an international business and you have to move to many countries for the purpose it is the urgent requirement to find a reliable and efficient money transfer service. Business with any other country will require a resourceful money transfer. This transfer should be fast efficient and safe. Your trade shouldn’t be forced by the variation in exchange rates either. For all these reasons, it is prudent to take the assistance of International money transfer Services available. It will be better to find the reputed and quality one on the internet. It is an internet era and you get different types of information on the internet.
Process Involved
This service helps you find a provider that you are comfortable with. After you decide on the money exchange provider you will need to complete some forms. Once you have established contact, you will be informed about the rules, terms and conditions involved with a deal. Finally, you will be asked to complete some forms to set up your account. You can fix a standard rate for your exchange as well. The whole process is hassle free and once you learn how to go about it, the upcoming transactions will be smooth, effortless and quick.
Exchange Rates
When you wish the inexpensive currency transfer to be done, you should be careful about the rate you choose. With large amount of money a little change can make a big variation for your commerce. When you transfer your money to a bank, they will transfer it at a great exchange rate that you are happy with on the day you have mentioned. Exchange rates promised may differ between agencies that are why you should be careful while choosing one.
Staying in the circle
Most good free currency transfer companies will make sure you are kept in the circle about where your money is. When the transaction is being made, you will be sent a verification message and sometimes even a message. You will be consulted before and after the deal, which assures that nothing can go wrong with the deal. This feature gives you more control over your money.
Expediency and safety
Foreign Exchange is a very expedient way of sending money across countries. When you choose a reliable company, along with good customer service, you will also safer transferring your money. This service is as useful for the common man as it is for businesses. Having an overseas exchange agent working for you is an immense way of saving money. In some websites, you get to check the exchanging rates promised before you sign in to transfer money. This makes it easy for you to select the best in the record.
Currency Exchange near me, this thought is quite wise and intelligent as there is lower risk for the safety of your cash. If you are in Adelaide, you can find a good currency exchange company that has a strong team for a powerful deal of money transaction. A reputed and trustworthy company always offers the better rates and a higher security.

The Latest Trend In Doorstep Loans

These days, individuals frequently have no opportunity to visit loan specialist’s office to apply for quick cash bolster. Henceforth they begin asking financial assistance from relatives and companions that is exceptionally humiliating. Be that as it may, no more you need to shoulder the disgrace of looking for assistance from companions for banks and facilitates everywhere throughout the United Kingdom have presented Doorstep loans. As the very name suggests, finances under this cash backing is conveyed comfortable doorstep. Additionally, the sum affirmed is all that anyone could need for all your unimportant needs that look for your moment consideration.

Until the point that a couple of years back, applying for extra subsidizes was a testing assignment as you were requested to experience repetitive customs. You were solicited to submit piles from archives. Actually, it took a very long time to finish the whole procedure. The greater part of the circumstances, when you got an endorsement, the requirement for stores was finished.

Be that as it may, things changed with online machine mode that scarcely took a couple of minutes of yours. Simply peruse pages and you will run over different banks offering moment cash backing. Because of regularly expanding rivalry among moneylenders, it has turned into a great deal less demanding for you to pick the loan specialist that offers bargains according to your need.

Render your own subtle elements on an online application frame yet ensure it is finished and exact. Numerous loan specialists may get in touch with you inside no season of applying. You can choose from bargains that suits your current needs. In the event that they are happy with your data, assets may be authorized into your bank tally and you can sue it the way you need with no confinements. From paying pending power charges, Visa charges, stockpiling charges; obligation solidification, child’s instructive expenses to traveling, meeting wedding costs and therapeutic urgencies, you can do everything.

Regardless of where you live in the United Kingdom, you will get cash comfortable home as 12 Month Loans. Assets will contact you either as cash or as a check. Loan specialists will charge financing cost contingent upon your current settled pay and reimbursement capacity. Sometimes, reimbursement residency is additionally broadened. Here, loan specialists charge extra expense for late installment. Be that as it may, paying extra sum isn’t an issue as you can dispose of every one of your inconveniences without running all over.

There is all around the energy among the general population about getting the sum specifically at the entryway with no dreary undertaking by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, the news is valid and spread like a fire over the United Kingdom. In this way, it is awesome time for those individuals, who used to go to the entryway of the bank keeping in mind the end goal to have exchange about the loans. However, now, the time has come to desert the conventional framework for the acquisition of the earnest bucks in light of the fact that the presentation of doorstep loans UK has been influenced the impact in the finance to advertise.

In this way, the borrowers don’t need to squander their valuable time in going all over on the grounds that the sum something like 100 to 500 is specifically dispatched at the home of the candidates inside round the clock. There is no prerequisite of playing out the hassle full customs. In this way, influence a call to the appropriate loan specialist with the sensible enthusiasm to rate and get the sum as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances.

Top 5 Benefits Annuities Can Bring Except The Lifetime Income

Earning a consistent income in their retirement life is a major concern for the seniors approaching their retirement and many of them invest in different annuity insurance plans. These annuities help the insured to receive a guaranteed income for life protects from the fear of outliving their savings. Also, if a senior couple hasn’t saved enough or doesn’t have someone to support after their retirement, these policies help greatly to take care of their daily expenses and maintain a better lifestyle. However, the majority of seniors isn’t aware of all the benefits an annuity can bring. Most of them buy an annuity solely to receive a guaranteed income in their retirement life but the annuities have a lot to offer. Here, we are going to explain five more benefits of a retirement annuity plan that you might not be knowing.

Benefit to your loved ones

At times, seniors pay a long series of premiums to earn them back during their retirement but die at an early age without receiving the complete benefits. Many seniors die soon after their retirement and insurance providers keep their share of investment with themselves. But, the new additional feature allows transferring the benefits to the beneficiaries, if the insured dies early. Along with the immediate annuity plan, you can choose a guaranteed period of 10-20 years that are calculated since the time you start receiving the payments. If you opt for a 20-year guaranteed period with the annuities, your insurer will provide a series of payments for exact 20 years. You can name your spouse or kids as the beneficiary and they will receive the benefits for rest of the period, in case you die early.

Tax deferral on earnings

Most of the investments are applicable for state and federal taxes, but the investments such as interests, annuities, dividends and capital gains earn a tax-deferred status. These investments are tax-free until you withdraw the accumulated amount. The tax-deferral is similar to 401(k)s and IRAs, but there isn’t any limit on the amount and you can put any amount into the annuities that you assume enough to spend your retirement comfortably. Moreover, the minimum withdrawal criteria have more flexibility than that of to 401(k)s and IRAs.

Tax-free investment transfers

Market performs differently at a different time and an investment performing strong today may perform poorly after a certain period. Hence, investors keep transferring their investment amount form one to another fund and there are financial advisors to help with the same. Usually, these investment transfers or rebalancing are applicable for taxes but the annuity retirement plan has no such tax consequences. That means, you can rebalance your investments as per your financial advisor’s suggestion and you won’t have to pay any taxes on that.

Protection from lenders

People take different types of loans to match a better lifestyle and pay the due amount in installments. At times, people reach a stage where they only have the money enough to take care of their fundamental requirements and aren’t able to pay the loan installments. In such cases, if the lender files a lawsuit, they may lose the return on the investments made. Annuities insurance policies also help protect your investment return even if you can’t make the installments. Usually, the premiums you have made to your insurance provider, belongs to them and there are laws that restrict that money to be accessed by the lenders.

Variety of investment options

Insurers help the investors with a range of annuity options at retirement including the fixed and variable one. The first one credits a certain rate of interest on the amount you deposit while with the later, your money is invested in the stock or bonds like mutual funds and provide a return based on the market performance. Also, various insurance providers have introduced different types of floors that set a limit by which your investment value may not fall further. That means, if you have invested in a variable annuity, you return won’t fall below a certain value, despite the fluctuations in the market.

How To Save Money On Your Two Wheeler Insurance

Tips to save money on two wheeler insurance

Many people in India own two wheelers. It is compulsory for you to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy if you own a bike or a scooter. But can you reduce the insurance expenses? Sure you can! Just follow these tips and you will see a difference.

Avoid making smaller claims: Before you make a claim, see how much the bill amount is. If it is a small amount, pay it yourself. Making numerous small claims will unnecessarily bring down your NCB to zero which will overall lead to a loss.

Attach anti-theft devices: A car insurance plan offers protection against theft and other dangers to the car. So if the car is found to be safe and less susceptible to thefts and break-ins, the insurer will offer a discount on the premium. Therefore look to install some anti-theft devices to the car to not only keep it safe but also to reduce your insurance costs.

Be a good driver and earn No-claim bonus: Driving carefully will reduce the chances of your car getting into mishaps. This will reduce the need to make claims and you will earn NCB. The NCB will in-turn pull down your insurance premium costs.

Renew two-wheeler insurance before expiry: Do not wait for the two wheeler insurance policy to expire before you renew it. If you have a lapsed policy, you may need to pay some fees and fines to get a new plan. So always try to renew the policy on time to save money.

Buy online: It is known fact that insurance bought online is cheaper. So buy a two wheeler insurance plan online and save a considerable amount of money.

Choose the right kind of cover: If you have a two wheeler that you use occasionally or is almost on its way out, opt for a third party cover. If however your bike is used daily and is a valuable vehicle, go for a comprehensive plan. Knowing which cover you need will help you save money.

Deductibles: Every two wheeler insurance plan has a deductible component. This means that as the policyholder, you will have to pay certain amount at the time of a claim and the insurance provider will pay the rest. A high deductible will lower your premium costs and vice versa. If you are confident of your driving skills and feel you won’t need too many claims, opt for a higher deductible. This will help you save money on your two wheeler insurance plan.

Compare: Last but not the least, you most definitely need to compare the available car insurance plans to get the best deal at the best rate. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to save money on your bike insurance plan. Compare when you buy a new plan or renew an existing one.

Your Personal Finances Demand Accountability in Our Capitalistic Society

Remember President Bush , Henry Paulson, and Bernard Bernake on television pleading for members of Congress to pass legislation to avert a financial disaster? Seems like a distant memory with the election for president winding to a close.

Do you even hear an echo from our lame duck president and members of his cabinet about the financial bailout. Seen Henry Paulson or Bernard Bernake lately? Chances are you have not heard nor seen any of the key players in the financial drama taking place in America.

I for one did not want my representative in Congress to vote in support of the financial bailout. I contacted her and stated, vote no on the financial bailout. Why?

I know the current leadership in our government is not capable of being accountable for $700 billion. The reason why is because Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernake, do not know how we ended up in the financial mess.

If you give people in key leadership positions billions of dollars to fix a huge problem, such as the financial meltdown, they will not know how to fix it. For example, the financial problem existed long before it was announced to the world in September. Furthermore, Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairmen Bernake and other key leadership personnel should have appraised the American people about this problems a year ago?

The reason why is because they do not know what they’ are doing and powerless to make a difference. My parents taught me to never throw bad money after good money, meaning if you lose money, stop spending more on the same thing to cut your loses.

America would have been better served not providing $700 billion in support of the Wall Street bailout. We are almost two months into the quote, unquote financial rescue and the markets are still declining in value and banks are not lending money to small businesses, individuals, or each other. Why?

The banks and financial investment firms never intended to help individuals or small businesses, its not their nature. If the word greed comes to mind, you are right on the money. Greedy people leading financial institutions who receive tax payer money to bail them out of financial crisis, could give a rats tail about the hard working men and women in this country.

What does this mean to you and I? We the people must become more accountable with our personal finances. In other words, we have to make an honest assessment of our finances. Take the net worth test, take all of your assets, subtract your debts and see where you stand.

Don’t leave anything out when you are making your assessment. If you own a house its an asset, subtract the mortgage balance from that number and the difference is equity or asset. Likewise if you have a car, subtract the value of your car from the amount you owe on your car loan. Do this with everything you own, collector items, jewelry, any and everything must be assessed if you are to obtain a clear picture of your net worth.

The only way the citizens of America are going to survive the financial bailout is to receive assistance from the government. It will not happen while President Bush is in office, if so he would have done it by now.

Will President Elect Obama provide a bailout for the men and women in America? The fact of the matter is, Obama did not create this mess, but he will have to clean up the mess the Bush administration created.

Recommendations: Write your member of Congress and request a bailout plan for citizens. Also push for mortgage loan modifications so people will not lose their house. Keeping people in their house makes great business sense and strengthens our economy because it is a confidence issue.

Until President Elect Obama is sworn in as the 44th president, we will have to wait to see how our economy is going to do. Chances are we will have to wait until after the inauguration to see any movement from our legislators. A lame duck session to address unemployment, job creation, mortgage foreclosure, lending and a host of other key factors impacting our economy should be addressed.

The bottom line is for you to hold on to your job. Pay off your credit card debt and stay on top of your personal finances. We can do this as long as we are accountable for our personal finances.

Bank of America Doctor Loan is No Longer Available – Now What?

For a long time the Bank of America Doctor Loan was the best and, in some cases, the only option available as financing for doctors and medical residents who wanted to buy a home. On April 1, 2009, Bank of America indefinitely suspended their Doctor Loan Program due to the economy and the impending restrictions on risky lending practices. This has made finding financing for the purchase of a new home very difficult for young physicians, especially those still in residency. There are other programs available, but they are often hard to find and nearly always limited to specific geographical areas. If you can find a lender who offers Doctor Loans in your area, then it is worth checking out because the advantages of owning your own home can often make it more affordable than you think.

As a Realtor that specializes in real estate for doctors I can personally attest to the fact that, for medical residents and young doctors, the most important question when buying a home is whether or not you can afford your own home at this point in your life. With so much student loan debt, many young doctors don’t even consider homeownership until a few years after residency. And many that do are often easily discouraged. However, with the right financing, the mortgage payments for a home can often be more affordable than renting a similar property. The bottom line is that, if you plan on staying in the same city for the next several years, then homeownership is definitely something you should consider, and you should start by learning about Doctor Loans.

So, what is a doctor loan? The Bank of America and similar programs were built on the idea that young doctors do not fit into the conventional profile of homeowners. They have lots of student debt and a comparatively lower income. According to conventional lending practices, they would be very risky borrowers. Lenders offering Doctor Loan Programs understand that a physician with a lot of debt isn’t less creditworthy, that’s just what it means to be a young doctor.

Dr. Loans and other similar mortgages:

Offer 100% financing that requires no down payment
Do not require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Offer flexible Debt-to-Income ratios that don’t count deferred student loan debt against the applicant
Offer competitive interest rates that do not penalize the applicant for increased risk indicators

What options are still out there? There are some large lenders out there that offer Physician Loan Programs or Doctor Mortgages. They can get you the financing you need and might even be experienced working with doctors, but they operate at a national level and may not have any loan options in your specific area. For instance, there are very few options available in the Chicago area, and those that exist have proven difficult to find for homebuyers. Be careful, though, because many of these mortgage brokerages and lenders cropped up over night after the Bank of America Program was suspended and some will try to take advantage of the situation by charging much higher interest rates than normal citing “increased risk,” and “poorly qualified” borrower background. Remember that the entire philosophy of a Physician Loan is based on an understanding that doctors have unique financial circumstances that do not, if fact, make them risky borrowers.

Another option is to find a local real estate agent or Realtor where you want to buy a home that specializes in real estate for doctors. They will often have a connection to a good mortgage broker that offers Physician Loans. This is often a better approach because your Realtor can help put you in contact with trusted mortgage brokers, and they will often already have a working relationship with lenders who specialize in this field. Plus, you will find that these real estate agents are experienced with the unique work schedules and financial circumstances of doctors, so they are better equipped to help you through the process of financing and beyond.

How can you apply for one? Start by searching online for a Physician Loan Program in your city. Again, many of these programs are limited to geographic areas so be as specific as possible (i.e. “Physician Loan Program Chicago” for Chicago and its suburbs). If you can’t seem to find one in your area, then try to find a local Real Estate Agent that specializes in real estate for medical professionals. They should have a connection with a lender or a mortgage broker that will offer some type of Physician Loan. Then, they should walk you through the entire process from financing to closing.

Remember, not every Doctor Loan Program will be the same. Though, they should all have better terms than the financing that you could get with a conventional mortgage, some will be markedly better than others, especially when it comes to the interest rates that they offer. Just be diligent in checking around and don’t just go with the first lender that says the words “Doctor Loan.” Keep that in mind and you will be well on your way to owning your own home in no time.

Top Five Intra Day Trading Tips To Become A Better Trader

In words of Warren Buffet The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. Let’s read between lines. The investor or trader who is impatient (frequent buy/sell strategy) transfers money to the patient (holding strategy).

Find below herewith five tips which should be followed by a day trader:

Take advice of professional trader

Before one starts day trading it is better to take advice from experienced and expert day trader trainer. Every trainer will have different teaching method and style. See for one who has good teaching method. He should also suit your trading style. They may be ready to teach in their free time. He may charge the fee. As he is spending his free time with you. But it is worth. You can assume that paid fee as an investment, which you need to get knowledge. They are the best share tip providers when you trade.

In future when you grow big, many newbies’s will come to get knowledge from you. At that time you can charge them likewise.

Gather information from financial news

One has to gather news from across the globe. Segregate relevant news, which affects your business. Analyze and set priority which news will most affect your business. Stay updated on news like meetings, change in government policies and rules. Local, national and international news should be followed.

M&A, financial results, entry/exit of members of BOD, etc. These types of related news of the company one have shares in, make sense.

Though the news does not impact a common man but may have an impact on your investment in the concerned company. This news helps to take a smarter decision, especially while trading shares. Through nifty future tips also one can gather information.

Treat trading as any other business

Take day-trading as any other business. It is not a hobby, but a serious business. It is not for fun that one is in day trading. Like any business, it needs devotion and dedication. Trading is a part. One has to devote a lot of time preparing a plan. Study different charts before coming to any conclusion. Follow news on TV, read business magazines, study reports etc. It is a full day activity.

Keep eye on professionals

One should study professionals. What they are buying, when they are selling. For how much time do they hold the script? Since they have experienced one can learn a lot by keeping eyes and ears open and mouth shut. If one makes mistakes, then analysis the mistake. What went wrong and where? You can find them in many share market advisory companies.


It needs time, energy and devotion to master the skills. As the old saying goes Rome was not built in a day It was destroyed and then rebuild. This process was repeated many times over. Even if one makes loss he has to get up again for a fight.

Traders do not profit all the time. Many a time they incur losses. So one has to be prepared for losses and have patience during the time of loss. Commodity tips are also helpful to know the market trends.

Today’s successful traders were also novice once in a while. They got success by their hard and smart work. They had put in their efforts, made mistakes, but kept up their learning process.

Online Auto Loans – Easy Car Financing With Just One Click

Cars are the epitome of success. It is often said that buying an automobile symbolizes a financially strong individual. But, cars have become so much expensive that auto loans have become the order of the day.

Most car buyers get overwhelmed by the very sound of “auto financing”. This is because getting approved for a car loan is often a lengthy process. Plus, several other factors are at play. You have to manage your budget, get the car information, provide the lender with satisfactory replies and then endlessly wait for approval. PHEW! Too much work isn’t it? Well, you can slash down your work by going online.

Online is the Way for every American

When you opt for online auto financing in America, you have the benefit of completing the process in an instant.

1. As the entire process is online, you can get quick approval.

2. Just one simple application form to get auto loans.

3. 100% safe process.

4. Less paperwork.

5. No never-ending lines to the lender’s office.

How to Search for Online Auto Loans?

It is simple to search for an auto loan when you know the kind of loan you are looking for. For getting an online auto financing program, you must use this simple plan.

Prepare a Budget

It is essential that you calculate your income and expenses. It will help you to understand your affordability. Also, the budget will ensure that you do not overspend your limit.

Check your Score

You must know your credit ratings before applying for loans. Once you know what kind of credit score you have, you can opt for anything – bad credit auto loans, zero credit car financing or the usual pre-approved automobile loans.

General Idea of the Car

Are you going to buy a car from your colleague or from a dealership? It will help you in clicking the exact option in the “Type of loan”. If you opt to buy from a private seller, you have to choose, “The Private Party Auto Financing Option”.

Opting for a dealership loan means you will have to choose the “New-Used Car Loan Option”.

Down Payment and Co-Signer

Instant approval on online auto loans is possible with a down payment amount. 10%-20% of the car loan amount can actually turn the tides.

Get a co-signer so that you can increase your chances of getting approval. Anyone of your parents or your friend can become your co-signer. Just make sure that the person has a good credit score as well as a stable debt-to-income ratio.

Avail Online Auto Loans

You have to just type the required details in your computer. It is essential that you type the kind of loan you want – private party auto loan, new car loan, bad credit car loans, etc. Also, mention your geographical area to ensure that you get the best options.

Here are few examples of searching the web for online auto loans:-

a. If you have bad credit and live in Colorado Springs, CO 80917, you must type all this information in the search bar, “Bad credit car loans, Colorado Springs, CO 80917″.

b. If you live in Prospect, OH 43342 and want a private party car loan, search “Private party auto loans 43342″.

c. You can just type for “San Antonio auto loan” if you are looking for a car financing program in San Antonio.

d. If you are looking for online students car loans in Vashon, Google “Student auto loans in Vashon, WA 98070″.

Once you get across several auto financing companies through the internet, check their reliability. Apply with only those companies that are trustworthy and can offer the online auto loans of your choice.

Apply with safe and secure websites and get ready for approval. Online auto financing is as simple as that.

So, next time you are in the car financing market; don’t forget to go the online route. It will save loads of time and money too.

Does Social Media Help In Getting An Auto Loan?

We live in a world dominated by technology and social media. Whether they are your shared posts, status or your connections, social media platforms play a key role in carving your virtual personality. A well-known fact is that technology is an inevitable yet an integral part of our lives. When it comes to financing your car, social media is building its way and becoming a relevant medium of profiling. For instance, John walked into a dealership to purchase and obtain financing for a car. The quickest and easiest way to search for a tentative background of John would be to get a grasp of his personality on the basis of his behavior on Facebook and Twitter account, respectively. Currently, a small percentage of lenders use social media for judging an individual’s creditworthiness. However, the developing presence of social media is gaining mind share of the lenders.

Can Social Media help in ascertaining the Creditworthiness of an individual?

1) Facebook can build your Credit Circle

The very essence of Facebook lies in networking. A creditworthy profile does not require millions of posts or many friends. However, if you have a genuine profile and do not pose any abnormal social behavior, your profile is likely to get approved for an auto loan. Additionally, the presence of certain contacts in your friend list with a clean history and a strong credit score further add to your creditworthiness. Lenders can look for mutual contacts that have been previous customers. The payment history of the mutual contact can then be used as a basis to judge your creditworthiness. In order to get the most out of your circle, seek a person with a good credit score and make him a cosigner and your auto loan process will become smooth.

2) With LinkedIn, lenders can check your Employment Stability

A stable employment speaks volumes about your personality and trustworthiness. LinkedIn can serve as the best source of obtaining information regarding your job history, duration, professional position and interests. The documentation of an auto loan requires you to display evidence of a source of income through pay stubs. However, there is less proof one can gather regarding the stability of employment. Social media can become a tool to ascertain not only if there is job-hopping, but also the financial strength of the individual. A person with a 500+ connections, long duration of employment history and a considerable profile activity can become a favorable applicant in the eyes of the lender.

Buying a Car: Making the Most of your Social Media Profile

Social media has made its way into the minds of auto buyers as well as lenders. As primary sources of guides, nothing comes above your credit score, current income status and payment history. However, virtual platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are starting to occupy mind share in terms of creditworthiness. Once the primary sources of information seem insufficient, lenders may turn to social media to get an idea of your personality. A few helpful ways to make sure your social media positively adds to your credit score is to be careful with your online posts, invite only genuine friends into your virtual circle and to always keep your professional profiles updated.